The Next Big Thing for Home Care Business Owners

Simply Helping

Have you ever considered owning a home care business? Now could be the right time. Home care consumer behaviours are changing, creating a unique opportunity for home care franchise owners to grow their businesses faster than ever.

Home Care—A Growing Market

The home care sector in Australia is growing rapidly, driven by an increased focus on quality of life for older Australians and people with disability. No longer are nursing homes the only option for those who need support. Instead, home care has become the number one preferred support method in Australia, allowing more control for the consumer. Of course, as the demand for these services increases, so does the need for quality home care providers. This heightened demand presents a fantastic opportunity for savvy investors looking to enter an expanding market.

But will the home care industry continue to grow? All signs point to yes—the number of older Australians is set to double in the next 40 years. Plus, the Australian government is committed to funding home care services for the foreseeable future, therefore increasing consumer access.

The New Approach

Most of those receiving home care services do so through government systems, like the NDIS or My Aged Care. However, recently we’ve seen a unique new approach to home care gaining traction…

Now, in addition to NDIS participants and aged care consumers, home care business owners are offering their services to Australians of all ages, and from all backgrounds. For example, more and more busy parents are receiving domestic assistance services. Likewise, busy workers are consuming services such as dog walking and pet-sitting. In other words, business-minded home care franchise owners have identified a way to further increase their customer base, and in turn, their income.

Build Your Home Care Business

Are you a savvy investor looking for your next business opportunity? A home care franchise could be a great fit. We’ve already noted the value in the home care industry, but why own a home care franchise over starting from scratch?

There are many potential benefits to owning a home care franchise. For example, as a home care franchise owner, you’ll have access to pre-developed business systems, reducing start-up time. Similarly, you can capitalise off an established brand, marketing your new business under a familiar name.

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