Pathway To Ownership


    Take the first step by submitting your enquiry below. Suitable applicants will be provided with an Expression Of Interest document.


    When completing the expression of interest document, please take your time to provide as much detail as possible. Your responses will provide insight, both for yourself and for us to gauge the degree of fit for success within our franchise structure. Your information will be treated confidentially by our franchise development team as we consider it for the next step.


    Suitable applicants will be contacted to arrange a time for an initial phone discussion. We would like to learn more about you, and what you have in mind, so we can provide the information you need.


    From your expression of interest and our initial phone discussion, applicants with a suitable background and financial capacity will be provided with our information pack. The information pack will include important information for you to consider the franchise opportunity.


    After receiving and reading the information pack, you may have some questions. A follow up discussion will allow us to answer any questions and address anything that may need clarification.


    By now, you’ll have the information you need to complete an ‘initial’ business and financial plan. Our business and financial templates make it easy to form your ‘initial’ ideas and demonstrate a good understanding of the franchise model. These plans will form a working strategy that we will help you build on, but for now, they will help you make a well-informed decision to proceed.


    With both parties in agreement to take the next steps, it’s time to complete the formal application form.


    With your very early, initial plans in place, and both parties interested to take the next steps, your due diligence continues. Meeting with the owner and founder of Simply Helping to discuss your ideas and the potential is an exciting step. With agreement to proceed and deposit paid, you will be provided with a generic franchise agreement and instruction sheet for your review, discussion, and completion.


    Based on your instruction sheet, we will provide a draft Franchise Agreement and all supporting documentation. We advise you to seek independent legal and financial advice from an experienced franchise lawyer, and from your accountant. After holding your Franchise Agreement for 14 days, you can execute your agreement and attend induction training as a member of the Simply Helping family.

If you share a passion to own a home care business with a brand that helps you every step of the way, we look forward to hearing from you.

Franchisee Profile

Throughout my working life, I always felt I was destined for something more important, more rewarding, and more satisfying.

Throughout my career, I tirelessly strived to achieve common goals, even though I may have taken a slightly different approach if it was my business. Wherever possible, I would support and encourage others to achieve positive outcomes and feel rewarded for their work. I have been told the strong relationships I build with my colleagues at all levels is contagious. For me, a united team is essential for a productive and happy work environment, where people are motivated to be their best.

I have always enjoyed interviewing and selecting the right people for the right positions and helping them succeed. I am generally a good judge of people and believe that in any business, people are the greatest asset.

I quickly discovered that selling is not what I thought. One of my mentors described selling to me like this. ‘Every business needs to sell it’s goods or services. Selling is simply the art of good communication. By listening, questioning, identifying a need and providing a solution, you are actually helping, and the customer will recognize your effort.’

There were many times when I wondered what it would be like if my energy and dedication to make a difference, was for my own business, rather than a boss?  I knew that I was well organised, hardworking, and driven by success. It has always been in my nature to give more than I take in the belief that the rewards would come, and to a degree, they did. However, there was something missing.

When I eventually made the transition to owning my own business, I was a little nervous to ‘jump out of the nest’. I will never forget how it felt, and how I overcame the fear. By chance, I had read an article on starting your own business, and the key points I took away were:

  • Do your research on the type of business carefully.
  • Make sure there is strong, sustainable demand.
  • Do the math to be sure the business is profitable.
  • Make an initial business plan to determine the steps and action points.
  • Ensure that you have access to the right support and expertise.
  • Ask yourself if you have the right skills and experience to succeed.
  • Do something you love, and it won’t feel like work.

I wish I had started my Simply Helping franchise sooner.

I feel like all the experience and skills I developed in my previous roles have come together in this business. Although I work within the franchise framework, it’s there to support me and I have access to business mentors with expertise in this industry as well as an established brand. Now, all my energy goes into my business and I understand what was missing before. I am now free to make the important decisions, build and support my team, grow the customer base and manage all aspects of my staff, support workers, customers and business administration.

I have much more freedom and independence as a business owner, and the work I do for my community is important, rewarding and satisfying. A home care business with Simply Helping was a great choice.

Please note: Regardless of whether you can relate to this profile, or if you are a seasoned business professional, take the first step to find if a Simply Helping home care franchise is right for you.

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