Frequently Asked Questions

How much does a Simply Helping Franchise cost?

The Establishment Fee for a Simply Helping franchise territory is $150,000 plus GST.

The investment includes:

  1. The license to operate your exclusive franchise territory.
  2. The cost of induction and comprehensive training valued at $30,000
  3. Your Local Area Marketing launch campaign valued at $8,000.
  4. Full access to the well established Simply Helping brand.
  5. Access to industry specific systems, and other intellectual properties.

What’s included in my Simply Helping franchise business?

Our Franchise business package includes everything you need to succeed in one of Australia’s fastest growing business sectors.

You will receive:

  1. Ongoing business coaching and support.
  2. National marketing campaigns with a personalised web and social media presence.
  3. Access to proven business systems.
  4. Comprehensive training and professional development.
  5. Turnkey industry specific software.

and more…

What ongoing fees do I have to pay to Simply Helping?

The monthly Franchise Service Fee is 6% plus GST and a 2.5% plus GST contribution to the National Marketing Fund.

The fees are calculated as a percentage of your gross revenue.

What is the duration of my Franchise Agreement?

Your Franchise Agreement is for 5 years. At the end of the term, the franchisor will grant a further agreement with consent from both parties. There are no additional Establishment Fees for a renewed agreement. For all renewals a fee of approximately $2,500 plus GST applies to cover the cost of administration and documentation.

Does Simply Helping provide training and, if so, how much does it cost?

Yes, we provide comprehensive training in all aspects of successfully running a Simply Helping business.

The induction training is included in the initial Franchise Fee (purchase price). Initial training is followed up with regular business development support and ongoing training. To learn more, please refer to our Training and Support page.

What experience and background do I need?

The skill and confidence to run your own business and lead a dedicated team to deliver care to others is essential. A background in the healthcare industry may be beneficial.

With our proven business systems, training and support, a Simply Helping in home care franchise may be ideal for you.

How much capital will I need to invest in my business?

The initial investment to own a Simply Helping franchise is $150,000 plus GST.

Additional capital will be required for the usual costs associated with establishing any business, such as:

  1. Legal fees
  2. Accounting fees
  3. Insurance
  4. Computers
  5. Office equipment
  6. Leases
  7. Local area marketing

Working capital will also be necessary for the establishment period of approximately 3 to 6 months, while you build up your turnover.

The amount of capital required can vary significantly depending on each franchisee’s circumstances.

For example:

Franchisee A may start the business from home, using existing resources such as computer equipment, with plans to lease an office in the future.

Franchisee B may lease a new office with new computer equipment from day one.

To summarise, the initial Investment is fixed at $150,000 plus GST.

Additional and working capital requirements may start from $50,000 as an estimate.

We recommend you discuss working capital with your accountant.

Are there Minimum Criteria and Financial Requirements?

We are careful to protect the integrity of the brand and only consider applicants who we believe will be successful. We also encourage applicants to carry out thorough due diligence.

Minimum requirements include:

  1. A suitable background and capability to build a business.
  2. The right experience and confidence to build a team and a customer base.
  3. The financial capacity to secure a franchise.
  4. The financial capacity to access capital for the usual costs associated with starting a business.
  5. Access to working capital maybe required whilst establishing the business.

Is this a growth industry?

The number of Australians aged over 65 is forecast to double in the next 40 years.

More and more people with a disability are being funded by the NDIS, dramatically increasing the need for in home care services.

In addition, we are seeing many people engage our services as a lifestyle choice.

What are the steps to owning a franchise?

We welcome all enquiries and look forward to learning more about you, your background, and interest in a Simply Helping franchise. You can call us to arrange an initial discussion, or complete the contact form below and we will be in touch.

To learn more, please refer to the Pathway page, where the steps to owning a Simply Helping franchise are outlined for your convenience.

How do I apply for a franchise?

Please familiarise yourself with all the information on this website, complete the contact form below and we will be in touch.

How long does the process take to own a franchise?

We are careful to only consider applicants who we believe will be successful. We also encourage applicants to carry out thorough due diligence. Please refer to the Pathway page for more information, where the steps to owning a franchise are outlined for your convenience. As an estimate, the time from the first conversation to signing of the agreement can typically take anywhere from 60 to 90 days, including due diligence.

What qualities do I need to be successful in this business?

Do you have empathy for the needs of others?

Do people see you as being trustworthy and loyal?

Are you a good communicator, on the phone, in person, and in writing?

Do you have the confidence to build a new business and grow a customer base?

Have you delivered results and profits working for someone else and felt unrewarded?

Are you hardworking, well-organised, and prepared to make the transition to self-employment?

If you are passionate about owning and growing your own business asset while simply helping your local community, this may be just right for you.

Will I be running my own business?

Yes, you will own and run a Simply Helping franchise territory, supported by our proven systems, with ongoing training and support.

The benefit of owning a franchise is the branding, systems, processes, templates, compliance requirements, website, social media, promotional merchandise, training and support are already established.

Do I need an office?

You have the flexibility to work from an office from day one, or you can start the business from home and transition into an office as you grow. Although an office is not essential, it can be greatly beneficial.

What are the main responsibilities of a franchisee?

The four main responsibilities of every franchisee is to:

  1. Build a team of people dedicated to providing great services to your customers.
  2. Proactively grow your customer base while representing the brand.
  3. Manage all aspects of running a successful business.
  4. Maintain compliance in all aspects of the business.

Overall, strong communication and leadership skills combined with a keen business sense will see the business established quickly.

Is my franchise a partnership?

We notice that some organisations refer to a franchise as a partnership.

Please don’t be misled, a partnership is a formal arrangement by two or more parties to manage and operate a business and share its profits and liabilities.

Your Simply Helping franchise would be an independent business with the authority and rights to use the Simply Helping brand, systems, support, and intellectual property.

We charge an Establishment Fee (purchase price) and monthly Franchise Fee for these rights, and your profits are your own.

What makes Simply Helping different?

Everyone claims to be different, however, we can see that most claims are repeated by all providers, and that makes us chuckle. What we can claim is a passionate, dedicated and very experienced franchise support and management team. There is nothing like experience in the hands of the right people. Our combined experience in this industry is what will give you an advantage.

  • We have been successfully providing in home care services, administration systems, and support since 1998, with a reputation for excellence.
  • We have a franchise development and support team with extensive healthcare industry experience, franchising experience, and business experience to help you grow successfully.
  • Founded in Australia, we are proudly Australian owned, and passionately support other home grown Australian businesses.
  • We create a culture that recognises the value of our staff, franchisees, and support workers through rewarding initiatives.
  • Simply Helping franchisees provide of the broadest range of service in the industry.

Where can I buy a Franchise Territory?

There are a limited number of franchise territories planned for release Australia wide.

We are always interested to explore the possibilities.

Can I sell my Franchise?

Yes. As you grow your business, your investment becomes more valuable if you decide to sell.

To protect the integrity of the brand, the sale must be approved by the franchisor.

Is Simply Helping a registered NDIS provider?

Each Simply Helping franchise will be required to register their business with the NDIS Quality and Safeguards Commission.

Simply Helping support systems help to make the process of becoming an approved NDIS provider quick and easy.

How much money will I make?

Each franchise owner has a different background and skillset. Your motivation, business skills, people skills, organisation skills, leadership skills and how you apply them, will determine your income. With the right brand, training, systems, and ongoing support, a Simply Helping franchise will provide the opportunity to achieve your goals. Suitable applicants will have access to mean turnover figures for the group. Armed with this information and the right templates, you will be able to weigh up your opportunity and estimate your potential turnover.

Do you provide business planning templates?

Yes. The Simply Helping system provides all the business planing templates required during the due diligence process and the life cycle of the business.

Suitable applicants will receive a business planning template. The information pack and discussions with our team will provide you with enough information to produce an ‘initial’ business plan.

As you progress with your due diligence and secure a franchise territory, we will assist you with your business planning. Business planning will become a vital and strategic part of your growth.

What Marketing support do you provide?

Simply Helping removes the guesswork from marketing and provide a strategic, centralised marketing program at a national level. Our franchise systems provide advice and assistance to support you with a range of tools that promote your franchise business.

Is there a marketing fee?

Yes. The Simply Helping National marketing fee is 2.5% plus GST, calculated on monthly gross revenue.

The National Marketing Fund is exclusively used to promote the brand.