How Much Does a Home Care Franchise Cost in Australia?

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Whether you’re ready to own a home care franchise or weighing up investment options, you might be wondering—how much does a home care franchise cost?

What is a Home Care Franchise?

In a general sense, a franchise offers a person the ability to operate their own business under an established and trusted brand. Then, being part of a larger network of franchises, the business owner benefits from the brand’s proven business model, existing reputation, marketing strategies and more. Plus, there is often extensive, high-quality training offered when you own a franchise. So, you can build your business with thorough knowledge of the industry you’re entering, without needing experience.

A home care franchise works like any other franchise—for the most part. As a home care franchise owner, you’d build a business under a reputable home care brand. Then, you’d recruit staff to provide valuable home care services to the people in your community. However, additional compliance requirements go alongside working with the NDIS and My Aged Care. This is precisely why owning a home care franchise is a smarter option compared to opening a home care business independently. As a home care franchise owner, you’ll open your business with compliance systems already in place. And, if you partner with the right brand, you’ll have ongoing business and compliance support, to make the day-to-day running of your business that little bit easier.

How Much Does a Home Care Franchise Cost?

The cost of a home care franchise in Australia will vary greatly depending on the brand you intend to join. Often, an initial investment is required to own your franchise. Then, a small fee based on your gross revenue must be paid each month.

The key is to look for brands that actively use your initial investment to benefit you and your business. For example, some of your investment should go straight into a marketing launch campaign to promote your new business. Or a portion should go towards in-depth training and high-quality support. The brand you join should be overtly dedicated to your success and demonstrate this from the get-go.

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