How to Turn Your Compassion for Others into a Business

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Are you a compassionate person looking to turn your care for others into a career? Here’s how many Australians are brightening lives and building a business at the same time.

Home Care—A Business with Meaning

There are many ways to channel your caring nature and give back to your community. You could become a nurse, work in mental health, or volunteer your time. Or… you could start a business in home care!

As a home care business owner, you have the privilege of providing valuable care services to older adults and people with disability in your community. You could take a hands-on approach and provide some of these services yourself if you’d like to. Or you could curate a fantastic team of qualified care workers to provide these services on your behalf. Either way, you’d make a big difference to the people around you. One day, you might be sending a lovely care worker to have a cup of coffee with an elderly gentleman down the road, providing the comfort that only human interaction can achieve. The next, you might organise cleaning services for a young woman with disability, making her living environment safe and healthy. As a home care business owner, you can carry yourself with pride each day, knowing that you’re brightening lives with each and every job your business completes.

Benefits of Owning a Home Care Business

Home care certainly satisfies the need to give back. But did you know that home care can also be profitable? That’s right—owning a home care business could be a fantastic way to set yourself and your family up financially.

Recently, we’ve realised the importance of ageing or living with disability in place. That is, living comfortably at home with our pets, belongings, and lifestyle, rather than moving into a care facility. This has meant a truly dramatic increase in the demand for quality home care services unlike we’ve ever seen before. Plus, with government initiatives introduced to make home support more accessible (through My Aged Care and the NDIS), more and more Australians are able to receive these services. In other words, there is a huge market for home care services, and it’s likely to continue to grow for the foreseeable future and beyond. So, if you’re looking for a way to give back and a great investment opportunity, this could be it.

How to Get Started as a Home Care Business Owner

You’re interested in owning a home care business—that’s great! Now you have to make a choice… Do you start your business from scratch, or buy a home care franchise? Like most things in life, there are benefits to both approaches. A business started from scratch offers more control over branding and operations, but it also harbours more risk. Whereas when you buy a franchise, you’ll be opening a business with systems and branding already in place, and you’ll have the backing of a team of industry experts at your beck and call. Whichever approach you choose, make sure to do your due diligence—happy caring!

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