Answering More Questions About Owning a Home Care Franchise

Simply Helping

Back by popular demand—we’re answering more of your frequently asked questions about owning a home care franchise. From necessary experience to inclusions, here are your ‘need to knows’.

Do I Need Experience to Own a Home Care Franchise?

While it’s true that many home care franchise owners do have a background in nursing or aged care, industry experience isn’t necessary. Put simply, as the owner of your own business, you’ll be employing great people who have a wealth of industry experience to deliver the care for you.

However, you do need some level of business experience to own any franchise, including one in the home care industry. Before you consider buying a franchise, you should already have a basic understanding of business practices. Plus, you’ll need to demonstrate experience with financial literacy to your potential franchisor.

What’s Included with a Home Care Franchise?

When you buy a franchise, you’ll receive a heap of benefits to help your business succeed. That’s part of the reason why many new business owners choose franchising over going it alone. For instance, you’ll usually receive expert training during your onboarding process, so you can get your head around industry standards and best practices. Then, you’ll have access to ongoing coaching, support, and professional development. Your business will be able to utilise industry-specific software and proven systems. And your business will benefit from ongoing national marketing campaigns, and an optimised digital presence to draw in new customers. Your new franchisor wants you to succeed as much as you do, so they’ll give you all the tools you need!

Do I Need an Office to Operate a Home Care Franchise?

This will depend on the franchise system you’re joining, but the short answer is—no, you don’t need an office right off the bat. Some home care franchisors: like Simply Helping, offer you the flexibility to work from home or from an office when you start your franchise. Having a physical presence in the community (via an office space) will help with exposure and trust, but it’s certainly not necessary. Plus, you can always transition to an office as your business grows.

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