Answering Your Questions About Owning a Home Care Franchise

Simply Helping

What is the process for owning a home care franchise? How long will it take until the process is complete? Here are the answers to your common questions about home care franchise ownership.

What Are the Steps to Owning a Home Care Franchise?

The steps to owning a home care franchise will differ depending on the brand you’re joining. But in general, the process will begin by submitting an expression of interest, and attending an initial phone call or interview. If the franchisor considers you to be a good match for the brand, and the brand seems like a good match for you, you’ll be given an information pack to look over. Once you’re feeling comfortable with the information pack, you’ll be asked to create an initial business and financial plan using templates.

With the planning process complete, you’ll be provided with an application form and given a more in-depth look at the brand you’ll be joining. If all goes well, a franchise agreement will be drafted, signed, and your induction training will begin!

How Long Does The Process Take?

It can take anywhere between 60 to 90 days from the initial enquiry, until you’ve signed your franchise agreement. At Simply Helping, our franchisee onboarding process is fast yet thorough. We like to ensure our potential franchisees have done their due diligence, and fully understand the ins and outs of owning a Simply Helping franchise before they sign their agreement. At the same time, we have streamlined our process to avoid any delays, and get you started as soon as possible.

Can I Open a Home Care Franchise Anywhere I Like?

Different home care franchisors have different approaches to franchise locations. But, in general, you may be able to suggest a location you’d like to operate within. At Simply Helping—for example, we generally only take expressions of interest on specified, already-released locations. However, we are always open to creating a new territory if it suits both the franchisor and potential franchisee.

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