4 More Tips for Owning a Successful Disability Business

From training and technology to compliance, we’re back with more tips to help you on your disability business journey.

1. Train and Upskill

A well-trained team will operate efficiently and provide the best home support services possible. So, prioritise training and upskilling for both you and your team. Plus, the home disability support industry is growing rapidly, and with rapid growth comes innovation in care techniques and industry standards. You’ll want to be on top of these for the best chance of success. As a disability franchise owner, your franchisor will likely provide you with training opportunities. Otherwise, as a solo business owner, make sure to seek out professional development wherever possible.

2. Be Tech-Savvy

In this day and age, technology is king, even in a disability business. Being tech-savvy helps you manage everything from scheduling and client records to customer acquisition far more efficiently. To access the best technology and systems, consider buying a disability support franchise rather than starting a business from scratch. This way, you’ll gain access to tried and tested systems and the newest technology without fuss.

3. Prioritise Compliance

Compliance is one of the more complex challenges of the home disability support industry. So, it’s important to establish an efficient record system and stay on top of what’s expected of you compliance-wise. Home support franchisors like Simply Helping will assist you with this process, helping you to handle audits and keep your paperwork up to date. But if you’re starting a home care business from scratch, get on top of compliance from day dot to avoid hiccups later down the track.

4. Consider the NDIS

If you’re a would-be disability support business owner, chances are you’ve heard of the NDIS. But, if you haven’t, the NDIS is a scheme that provides funding to Australians with a disability, helping them access support services like the ones you intend to provide. For your business to offer support through this program, you’ll need to register with the NDIS. Otherwise, you’ll only be able to provide support to private clients who don’t receive government funding. So, consider registering with the NDIS to expand your client base greatly.

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