About Us

Since 1998, we have been providing a suite of in-home care and support services to help our clients. Founded by Angela Feery~Richards, Simply Helping began in regional Victoria, and in 2008 it was decided that the best way of expanding our services was to adopt a franchise model which allows for a more personalised approach to service provision by having local managers looking after local regions.

Unlike other similar franchises within this growing market, we are unique in that we provide a suite of in-home support services not only for our elderly population, individuals and families living with a disability, but also for families using our services as a lifestyle choice.

Simply Helping is an Australian company that strives to make a difference to the lives of our clients and their families.

With the increasing trend toward an older population, the changes in the provision of aged care services and the implementation of the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS), attention is being focused on ensuring the community can be independent and live at home longer.

To take advantage of the opportunities opening up through the Aged Care Reforms and the NDIS, our franchisees are encouraged to seek registration with the relevant bodies.

We are now serving in regional Victoria, metropolitan Melbourne, Perth, Sydney and the Illawarra region of N. S. W. and keeping with our vision of continuing to grow and expand.

Franchise Opportunities

Simply Helping is a ‘people’ business and as a Simply Helping franchisee, you will grow a business, working with people for people.

These key attributes: excellent people skills, a passion to be a success, enjoying working with people, dedication, commitment and true professionalism, will be a major part of your success. Those attributes, combined with the essential qualities of a strong ambition to grow a successful business, excellent communication skills, competitiveness and a preparedness to work hard, are the ingredients for success.

As an owner, your role encompasses the recruitment and management of staff, financial administration and reporting, marketing and general networking to secure business.

Working within a franchise model has many advantages, but also constraints. Individuals seeking a franchise business must fully understand and accept what it means to operate a business within such a model.

We have many territories throughout Australia. To view the available franchise territories, go to the ‘Franchisees For Sale’ tab in the menu.

Why Choose Our Franchise?

Some of the benefits in owning a Simply Helping franchise include:

  • Business foundered in 1998, hence many years industry experience
  • Strong track record in the industry
  • Exclusive territory
  • Low start-up costs
  • Generic software
  • Well-developed business processes, policies and procedures
  • Business hours that allow you to have a good work/life balance
  • Operating the business from home, if preferred
  • Growing a business in a sustainable market
  • Company-wide dedication to quality and strong customer focus
  • Ongoing mentoring and franchisee support staff
  • Provision of promotional and marketing material
  • Exposure through general branding by Simply Helping.

Growth Market

Aged Care SectorThe age composition of Australia’s population is projected to increase considerably as a result of population ageing.

In 2016, 15% of the Australian population (3.7 million) were aged 65 and over. The proportion of older Australians is expected to grow to 22% (8.7 million) by 2056 and to 24% (12.8 million) by 2096.

With the projected rise of Australia’s aged population, it is estimated the number of people living with dementia will increase to almost 591,000 by 2030. Dementia is one of the major reasons why older people enter residential aged care, or families seek assistance from community care programmes.

Disability Care SectorThe National Disability Insurance Scheme is currently being rolled out across Australia to provide all Australians with insurance for the costs of support, if they or a family member acquire a disability.

This major change by government intervention signifies great opportunities for companies like Simply Helping to grow even further within this service sector.

General SectorAside from older Australians and disability clients, the general population growth anticipates that demand for lifestyle services by private clientèle will be increased, as the dual income family is entrenched and busy lives will continue.

The growth in these sectors provides many opportunities for growth by Simply Helping. This, and Simply Helping’s general suite of services to the wider demographic, establishes a strong and sustainable opportunity for growth.

States & Territories – Growth

By 2056, the population of New South Wales is projected to reach 10.2 million people, an increase of 3.3 million people (or 48%) since 30 June 2007, while Victoria is projected to reach 8.5 million people, an increase of 3.3 million people (or 64%).

Queensland is projected to experience the largest percentage increase in population between 30 June 2007 and 2056, more than doubling the 2007 population of 4.2 million to 8.7 million people by 2056. As a result, Queensland is projected to replace Victoria as Australia’s second most populous state in 2050.

Western Australia is also projected to more than double over the projection period, reaching 4.3 million people in 2056.

The Northern Territory’s population is projected to increase by 186,600 people (in 30 June 2007) to 401,600 people in 2056. Although a smaller absolute increase than those projected for the larger states, this is a significant increase (87%) relative to the Northern Territory’s population of 214,900 people in 2007.

The population of the Australian Capital Territory is projected to increase by 169,500 people (50%) between 30 June 2007 and 2056, reaching 509,300 people.

South Australia is projected to increase by 620,300 people (39%) to 2.2 million people in 2056.

Tasmania’s population is projected to increase slowly before levelling out by around 2040 and then decreasing marginally from 2051 onwards to 571,000 people in 2056.

Our Services & Clients

ClientsSimply Helping clients are as varied as our services.

In addition to working with private individuals and families, Simply Helping has many years experience in working with brokers – organisations responsible for ensuring that services funded through the many government-based programmes are provided to eligible clients.

Our services include personal care, domestic assistance, respite care, medication reminders, companion care, meal preparation, help with shopping and local transportation, pet sitting, dog walking, gardening, light home maintenance, baby sitting and nannies.

In addition to our current suite of services, we provide a referral service established to assist those needing counselling and/or psychological services. We view this service as a valuable complementary addition to our existing suite of services for our clients.

Client needs vary, from a half hour service to overnight or 24 hour or longer care, and every effort is made to ensure a flexible service geared to meeting the needs of clients.

Marketing & Advertising

In an industry where most of what we do is based on relationships and trust, much of the marketing is developing networks by building relationships and maintaining these relationships with clients, and referral sources such as case managers, coordinators and the like.

Simply Helping provides:-

a focused approach to creating awareness of our brand

  • This is done through various mediums like print, sponsorship, expos, internet and social media. In addition, individual campaigns build brand awareness, media interest and importantly, visibility for our franchisees.
  • use of presentation materials that are professional and comprehensive, and are designed to be informative and eye-catching.

Reinvestment of a percentage of the investment fee being put back into initial marketing within the franchisee’s area in the first few months of the commencement of the business.

Advertising campaigns are also complemented through the local territory by the franchisees by meeting the minimum requirement in advertising spend.
Our Simply Helping web site simplyhelping.com.au, and other sites such as the DPS Aged Care Guide are sources of client enquiries and potential staff for our franchisees.

Training & Support

Our training in the Simply Helping system is undertaken with each new franchisee on-site.

Training at the commencement and during the initial three months of the franchise will involve one-on-one training and support, in addition to other verbal and written communication.

This training covers, and ensures the accounting software Mind Your Own Business (MYOB), manuals, policies and procedures, and day-to-day operational duties are undertaken properly.

This period also covers the requirements as covered by the Franchise Operations Manual. It may be necessary to add to this training time-frame to achieve the appropriate level of competency and comfort.

This will be provided unreservedly and in a time-frame agreed to by both parties. Support from Head Office is ongoing and includes formal processes such as planned meetings, in addition to the more casual contact of telephone calls, e-mails, et cetera.

During this time, assistance with creating a Business/Marketing Plan will be provided, as well as identifying and targeting brokerage clients and organising meeting dates with them.

Regular visits by support staff are an intrinsic part of our mentoring program, as well as regular franchisee meetings.

Funding is earmarked for opening promotions and marketing during the first twelve weeks of operations within the franchisee’s territory.

Mentoring provides guidance, regular meetings and professional development where appropriate. The Franchisee Support Advisors meet regularly ‘one-on-one’ (field visits) with franchisees to reinforce the system, discuss aspects of the business and any relevant issues. Regular visits by support staff are an extremely important part of the mentoring process, as well as regular franchisee meetings.

Provision of call-free telephone consultation with experienced support staff and membership of the relevant employer organisation by Simply Helping, allows for easy and prompt access to advice surrounding staff, industrial relations and access to professional development and training.

Operating System & Merchandise

Simply Helping uses a proprietary software system called Mind Your Own Business (MYOB). It is simple, user friendly and flexible.

This is a deliberate policy decision and has proven excellent and successful in the operation of the business.

Using the programme has benefited all, and importantly, this has meant the costs of purchasing a franchise and maintaining it have been kept to a minimum.

A comprehensive Operations Manual is a key document to franchisees for the operations of the business.

Provision of policies, procedures and protocols.


Simply Helping provides a wide range of marketing and promotional materials, and staff uniforms which are available at affordable prices to the franchisee.

The Next Step

To become a Simply Helping franchisee, you do not need any special, or particular type of background.

We want our franchisees to be people who are committed to managing their own business, prepared to work hard, be competitive, have compassion and excellent interpersonal skills and enjoy working with people.

If you are interested in joining us, start an enquiry here.

Frequently Asked Questions For Potential Franchisees

Q 1: What is a Simply Helping franchise?

A Simply Helping franchise is an arrangement for the distribution of a range of home and care support services into the market place. At least two parties are involved, the Franchisor who lends the trademark and business system and the Franchisee who pays a royalty and an initial fee to do business under the Franchisor’s name and system. Technically, the contract binding the two parties is the franchise, but that term is often used to mean the actual business that the Franchisee buys from the Franchisor.

Q 2: What do I get with my Simply Helping franchise?

When you become a Simply Helping Franchisee you have access to the Simply Helping name, business concept, the Simply Helping proven system, training, support and ongoing business development. You become part of the Simply Helping network, sharing experience, advertising costs, and benefiting from the group profiling power of a larger network. You are provided with everything necessary to “open the doors” and commence operation.

Q 3: Will I be running my own business?

Yes. While franchising means you will never have to be in business by yourself, you certainly are in business for yourself! You will be marketing your Simply Helping services in your territory; you will be recruiting and coordinating a professional team of in-home carers for the delivery of services to your clients; and as your business grows emphasis will continue with marketing but will include a greater emphasis on managing your business.

Q 4:What background and experience do I need?

The right attitude is what you really need to have in order to be a successful Simply Helping Franchisee. Commitment, integrity, good interpersonal skills, and a passion to succeed are essential. You must be prepared to follow the Simply Helping business system and manuals. We look for certain characteristics from people wishing to join us and you will be required to fill out a Confidentiality form and an Application form.

Q 5: Does Simply Helping provide training and how much does it cost?

Yes. Simply Helping provides full comprehensive induction and training in all aspects of the system, assistance with direct marketing, as well as giving you additional support with those once off activities, which need to be done when you set up a new business. At this time, it is highly likely that the franchisee induction and training will be undertaken virtually. Simply Helping will continue ongoing support and training according to your needs.

The training cost is a percentage plus GST or higher and is included in the franchise fee. This training cost component is tax deductible.

Q 6: How much capital will I need to invest in my business?

The total business opportunity is currently $95,000 GST exclusive, plus a capital input of a minimum of $30,000 required to open the doors to business. The Disclosure Document gives you all the details in a comprehensive manner. We strongly recommend that you seek independent financial advice.

Q 7: What do I get for my Franchise Fee?

In the formal sense it is the fee you pay for a well-proven business system, its development and improvement, and to be granted the intellectual property rights and privileges that go with operating a Simply Helping franchise. In addition, Initial and on-going training and mentoring is a major component that is an important factor in the success of any franchise, and is one of the costs covered by the fee.

Q 8: What ongoing fees do I have to pay?

There is an ongoing royalty fee of gross accrued turnover payable by franchisees for the use of the Simply Helping name and system. You will also contribute to a national marketing fund in addition to local advertising and that too is detailed in the Disclosure Document. These fees contribute to the costs associated with on-going support and training, with increasing brand awareness, the on-going development of the Simply Helping system, and the profit earned by Simply Helping.

Q 9: Can I sell my Franchise?

Yes. The business is yours to build up and sell if you wish. However, the business can only be sold to an operator approved by Simply Helping and on the basis that the new operator agrees to the conditions within the current Franchise Agreement.

Q10: How long is my Franchise Agreement for?

It runs for five years. At the end of that time you will be able to renew for a further five years, and again for a further five years. There is an additional fee for this renewal, a small renewal fee to cover legal costs. As our success is measured by your success, it is in our interest to ensure you stay with us for as long as you desire.

Q11: I am interested and I think I qualify, what do I do next?

Telephone our Franchise Recruitment Manager – Paul O’Connor on 0432 798 059 to discuss. A Confidentiality Agreement and Application Form can be forwarded to you. The application will be reviewed and if the criteria is met, contact will be made with you to further discuss the process.

At Simply Helping we welcome your enquiry and thank you for your interest in our business. This franchise system endorses and continues to apply the standards required by the Franchising Code of Conduct.